2004/08/04: Aglets project admin has changed!

On August the 4th, the Aglets project admin has changed. The new admin is now Luca Ferrari (cat4hire@users.sourceforge.net), who has also became the administrator of the Aglets-net project. Below there is the e-mail sent by Luca on all the aglets mailing lists to announce the project take-over:


Subject: [Aglets-users] Aglets is back! Date: Tuesday 21 September 2004 16:21 From: Luca Ferrari To: aglets-developer@lists.sourceforge.net, aglets-users@lists.sourceforge.net, aglets-commit@lists.sourceforge.net -- Apologize for multiple copies -- Dear agleters, my name is Luca Ferrari and I'm a PhD student in computer science at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. I'm cross-posting this message to all the aglets mailing lists to announce that, since August the 4th, I'm the new admin of both the Aglets and the Aglets-net projects, that means I successfully did the project take over. Allow me to motivate the above take over. I met Aglets the first time during my degree thesis, and immediately I fault in love with it. I believe Aglets is a great platform because it's simple, efficient, secure and funny. Unfortunately, the project seems to be stopped since August 2002. Since I believe Aglets can be used to develop a lot of agent applications, representing a good implementation of the agent technlogy, I decided to take over the project in order to handle the Aglets development. I don't know everything about Aglets, I don't know everything about Java too, but I'm using Aglets since a while, and I'm developing in Java since more than four years, and I work in the mobile agent scenario, so I think I've got enough experience to handle both the aglets projects (aglets and aglets-net). Of course, managing the above projects will not be a trivial task, thus I will not be able to manage them on my own, and for this reason I hope that other developers will join the projects. It must be said that, before the project take over, I tried to contact both the original developers at IBM TRL, and the developers at sourceforge, that seems to be 11. In particular, I tried to contact the developers more than once, without succeeding in it. The first thing I did when I take over the project, was to downgrade all permissions of the other 11 developers. Apologize me for that, and try to understand. I don't want to hurt other developers, and I don't want to play as father-owner of the projects, but I want to give to Aglets a methodology, thus I'd like to be contacted from everyone who wants to be involved in the project before he does. To demonstrate my wills, on September the 20th I upgraded the first version of the Aglets 2.0.2 user's manual, a pdf document (more than 50 pages) that details how to install, run, manage and develop agents using Aglets. Furthermore, the document includes a reviewed (but still uncomplete) FAQ and instruction about using the Aglets library with several development IDE, such as Eclipse, JBuilder, etc. The user's manual is not the only thing I'm working on at the moment, and in fact you could see the new web site under construction (I have to thanks Claudio Chiossi for his important help about it!), hoping it can be a better entry point for everyone who wants to deal with the Aglets technology. What I need now is a little time and a little help to improve this great technology. I'm already planning a minor release, the 2.1.0...... That's all. I'll surely do all my best to lead this project, and I hope that other people will join me very soon. Luca -- Luca Ferrari cat4hire@users.sourceforge.net