2004/10/06: Second version of the Aglets 2.0.2 User's Manual is available!

A new version of the Aglets 2.0.2 User's Manual has been uploaded, and you can download it from the download page. The new version contains an enriched FAQ, configuration files shipped with the Aglets distribution and a short paragraph with details about the thread management. Several mistakes have been corrected, while new details about code examples have been written.

2004/09/29: The Aglets 2.0.2 User's Manual is now available!

Today I've update on the sourceforge download page the first version of my Aglets 2.0.2 User's Manual; a PDF document which provides several information about the Aglets platform. The manual includes the following chapters:

1 - Installation
This chapter describes how to install the Aglets platform starting from the compiled/binaries packages, the CVS or the source tree.

2 - Managing login data
Information about how to create new certificates and users for the Aglets server (Tahiti).

3 - Using the Tahiti server
How to create, manage, and destroy agents using the default Aglets server: Tahiti. The chapter covers the use of either the GUI or the command line mode, with a brief look at the user file created to store preferences.

4 - Developing Agents with Aglets
How to set up your IDE to use the Aglets library, in order to develop and compile agents. This chapter shows also a few code examples, including remote messaging, in order to better explain ow to develop agents using Aglets.

5 - FAQ
An update FAQ.

6 - The IBM Public License version 1.0
Aglets is distributed under the IBM Public License, and this chapter reports the whole license.

I hope it will be useful for every Aglets users and developers. Enjoy it!