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Downloads and Resources

For all you budding Agleteers out there, this page has links to some essential downloads and resources.

The Aglet Packages

The most recent Aglets Software Development Kit (ASDK), Version 1.1 Beta 3, is available as binary builds and as source code on

Currently the team is still forming and working our the procedures for the project, so only the project admins and developers have write access to the aglets source. In the coming months we will welcome new members who wish to contribute their changes, fixes, and new ideas to the project and become a team member themselves. In the meantime please don't hesitate to submit any ideas or interest in becoming a developer!

Community Contributed Code

The following downloads are all provide by members of the Aglet community, for the Aglet community.

The Aglet Portal Starter Package V1.02

I've produced a package that contains some simple base aglet classes with which you can get started. This includes a base class, a windowed aglet, a blind aglet (ie. no window), a class to produce better human readable names, and a re-useable AWT window, a stationary aglet linked with a stationary adaptor. These should make the life of anybody starting out with the Aglet package MUCH easier. They are also a good example of how to start extending and using the aglet API.

If you wish to find out more about what's in the package or what to do when you have downloaded it, have a look at the readme.

[ portal-base-1.02.jar ]

Aglets Utility Package V1.01

Additional samples are also available in the Aglets Utility package, produced by xbill. This package compliments the portal-base package and provides some additional samples. A brief introduction can be found in the file README.util.

[ portal-util-1.01.jar ]


For all of you who have wanted to find out how to write your own Aglet server, Ronnie Taib has kindly contributed a few classes to demonstrate how. To find out more about what's included in this download, check out the README.

[ MiniServer.tar ]

Messenger Aglet

Messenger Aglet is an aglet that provides a graphical user interface to send a variety of aglet messages to other aglets. Messages can be sent to local aglets and aglets on remote servers. This package contains the Messenger Aglet source code, contributed by Ross Finlayson, which is free for any purposes. Messenger Aglet runs on ASDK 1.0.3 and 1.1.

[ messenger.jar ]

DataBase Interface

This download includes a simple class, providing an interface to connect your Aglet to JDBC compliant database. It's been contributed by Jesse McConnell, and you can read what he has to say about it here.

[ jdbc-interface.jar ]

Samples from the Aglet Book

These archives contain all the examples featured in the Aglet Book, and have been kindly provided by Danny Lange. They should all compile 'from the box' but if you have any problems then please consult the FAQ first, and then mail me at If you fix any bugs in the initial samples then please mail them to me so I may include them in the archives.

[ agletbook-samples.jar]