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This page is a starting point for the aglet community to find links to other resources on the web. The aim is to collate a set of links that will help everyone find out more about the Aglet Software Development Kit (ASDK) and how everyone is using it.

Introductory Information
The Aglet Software Development Kit home page

This is the official Aglet home page. You should have a look around all of this site at some point.

Jerry Pearson's Beginners Tutorial for using Aglets

If you are new to Aglets then this tutorial will take you through the basics of getting your Aglet server running and getting HelloAglet working.

Aglet Framework Overview

Jerry Smith has written an overview of the Aglet Framework. It's quite in depth, and provides a good independent view about what Aglets is all about.

Further Information
Programming and Deploying Java Mobile Agents with Aglets

The Aglet Book book By Danny Lange and Mitsuru Oshima. VERY useful for Agleteers new and old!

Further information at the Aglet Site

This page contains some useful info about Aglets, links to some press articles and some research papers.

A topic based tutorial

Jerry Smith, our resident Software Mage, provides an on-line tutorial for Aglets, that deals with a lot of the common problems encountered when you actually start to do something real with Aglets.

The Mobility Mailing List

The Mobility list is a professional community for people researching mobile agents, remote programming, active packets, and mobile objects, that transcends specific implementation details, to discuss the core design ideas behind mobile agents research.